Writing For 100 Days Challege

Make Writing a Habit

Write the draft for the novel you always wanted to write.

Write at least 10 speeches that are five to seven minutes.

Write at least 25 blog post.

Make writing a part of your daily life.

All of this for 30 minutes per day.

The rules are really simple. The challenge is focused on writing. Along the way you will need some accountability and motivation help to get through all 100 days which we provide through a Facebook group.

  • Length: 100 days
  • Time Per Day: 30 minutes minimum
  • Start Date: Whenever you join the challege, it is individual paced and you do not have to wait for the group to start.
  • Cost: Totally Free!
  • Tracking Progress: To help with accountability post progress in a public place like our Facebook goup or Tweet to @writing100days. Make sure to mention which day you are on. If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook, see the FAQ #13.
  • Topic: Write about anything that you want to write about. See the FAQ #1 for suggestions.
  • Age Limit: There is no age limit. Anyone is welcome to join

If you have any questions on the rules, please let us know at writingfor100days@gmail.com.

  1. Join the Facebook group where you can safely post your progress and ask any questions that you may have
  2. Pick the day you plan on starting your challenge
  3. Get a device that you can use to track your time such a kitchen timer, the stopwatch on your phone, or a Google search timer
  4. Set the timer for 30 minutes and start writing. If 30 minutes is too much, start with 8 minutes, then take a 2 minute break after 8 minutes is up, and repeat 2 more times.
  5. Publish your daily progress to our Facebook group each day or tweet to us @writing100days.
  1. Q: I don’t have any ideas to write about but I still want to participate, can you help me with some ideas?

    A: This is a normal part of the process. I would suggest starting the 100 day challenge with the 1st day being a 30 minute brainstorming session about topics that you would like to write about. It is unlikely that you will write on the same topics for 100 days straight. Even if you are doing a novel, you won’t be working on the same exact part of the novel for 100 days straight. For topics it can be anything that you are interested or have thought about writing about: hobbies, work, kids, family, politics, pets, animals, TV/Movies, etc. The important part is to pick 1 and start writing. You can change the topic at any point.

  2. Q: I missed a day does it mean I have failed the challenge?

    A: Nope. You are allowed to miss 1 day in a two week period. Just make it up by adding 1 more day to the end of the 100. Never miss 2 days in a row which means you can’t skip the 14th day of a two week period and the 1st day of the next 2 week period.

  3. Q: I haven’t gone to bed yet but it is after midnight, does it still count if I write?

    A: Of course! As long as you write before going to bed. This allows for different schedules.

  4. Q: How do I get in touch with the people who are also doing this challenge?

    A: Join the WritingFor100Days Facebook group where you can safely post your progress and ask any questions that you may have or checkout our Twitter account @writing100days

  5. Q: Should I keep a journal?

    A: This is optional but a great idea. It is helpful by allowing you to look at your progress each day and see how far you have already come. It will also be easier to find motivation to continue. You will also be able to look back at your 100 days and analyze your experience to see what worked and what didn’t.

  6. Q: Should I put my writing online?

    A: It is encouraged but not required. Posting will make you can more about the end product and will make the results of teh challenge even more impressive when you look back at them on Day 100. However, we do understand that some writing might be very personal in nature and you may not want to share it in a public place. This is perfectly ok. However, you should at least post about your progress to the Facebook Group or Twitter. Posting about progress is great for accountability and motivation.

  7. Q: What is the most difficult part of this challenge?

    A: Sitting down and writing. Don’t postpone that or think about it at all. Just sit down, open your laptop or paper notebook, and start writing. Trying starting with writing 8 minutes at a time and do that 4 times during the day.

  8. Q: Does everyone have to start on a certain day?

    A: This challenge is individual so when you join you start at day 1. Whenever you post about your progress make sure to mention which day you are on.

  9. Q: Can I write for more than 30 minutes per day?

    A: Yes, but make sure to not burnout. You want a pace that you can sustain over 100 days.

  10. Q: I write already at work, does that count?

    A: Nope. The intent of the challenge it to work on our your own projects. That is why I wouldn’t count the time at work towards the challenge.

  11. Q: If I finish 100 days, can I do another 100 days?

    A: Totally! You can do the challenge as many times as you would like.

  12. Q: I tried the challenge and failed to complete it, can I try the challenge again?

    A: You sure can. You can do the challenge as many times as your would like. Let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you be successful.

  13. Q: What if I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, can I still do the challenge?

    A: You sure can. Facebook and Twitter is just an easy way to maintain accountability by letting others know about you progress. Make sure to still track your progress on your own. I guarantee though that you will be more successful when you have an accountability partner like you get with the Facebook group or tweeting to us @writing100days.

  14. Q: What should I track for progress?

    A: Track daily. The total word count for the day. The writing day you are. Type of writing your are doing: blog, short story, novel, journal, etc

  15. Q: Can I really write a novel in 100 days?

    A: Yes you can. The average person writes between 5 and 22 words per minute which means in 30 minutes you can write between 150 and 660 words. A novel is at least 40,000 words. To complete a novel draft in the 100 days you would need to average 440 words per day which is 13.5 words per minute if you wrote for 30 minutes each day.

  16. Q: Can I really write 10 speeches of 5 to 7 minutes in 100 days?

    A: Yep, when giving a speech, a slow speech is about 100 spoken words per min and an average speech is at 130 words per minute. This means at 100 words per minute you would need 500 to 700 words and at 130 words per minute you would need between 650 and 910 words for your speech. If you were to write 5 words per minutes a speech with 100 words per minute it would take you between 100 and 140 minutes to complete or 3.5 to 5 days. If you speak at the average rate of 130 words per minutes you would need between 5 and 7 days to craft. You will also have plenty of leftover days to revise your speeches to get them to the publish phase.

  17. Q: I still have a question that was not answered

    A: Feel free to email us at writingfor100days@gmail.com.